West Seneca CERT

Officer and Organizational Chart


Disaster Coordinator

Peter Spilsbury


  Deputy Disaster Coordinator     Deputy Disaster Coordinator  
  Dan McCartan   Eric Conley


  Team Leader            Team Leader            Team Leader  
Karen Roward
  Ron Pawelski
  Jim Manley


  Unit Leader            Unit Leader            Unit Leader  
 Sue Pawlewski
Dennis Schultz
Tom Schuster


  Communications            E.O.C.            Shelter Operations  
  J.D. Morrow   Amy Thompson   Karen Roward
  Shane Brady   Connie Morrow


Executive Assistant – Amy Thompson

Lead Procurement Specialist – OPEN

Webmaster – Amy Thompson

Licensed Amateur Radio Operators


The West Seneca CERT Amateur Radio Operators run a Net, every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM, on the STARS Repeater. All WNY CERT members, as well as all Amateur Radio operators, are invited to check in with KC2YWQ at that time. We normally use the Hamburg tone/repeater, but you should be heard by all, regardless which Repeater you use. STARS is the SouthTowns Amateur Radio Society. Input to repeaters: 147.690 w/107.2 tone (Colden Repeater) or 147.690 w/151.4 tone (Hamburg Repeater) – Output from Repeaters: 147.090.


  KC2WRY   Conrad Barrick
  WB2WPM   Shane Brady
  KD2HOP   Paul Gannon
  KD2FZB   Jeff Grant
  KD2FZG   Kathryn Grant
  KC2WSB   John Gullo
  KD2IPN   Jake Hall
  KD2DFI   Bill Hanson
  KD2IPL   Loreen Hayes
  KC2YMN   Ed Jablonski
  KC2YMM   Linda Jablonski
  KD2AIF   Dana Jurgielewicz
  KC2WSC   Sue Kobee
  KD2DFK   Steve Kondrak
  KD2DFL   Carmen LaFalce
  KD2FZL   Jim Manley
  KD2CAE   Howard Marien
  KD2CAF   Dan McCartan
  KD2GEC   Connie Morrow
  KC2TXV   John “JD” Morrow
  KC2DGC   Keith Patterson
  KC2WSF   Sue Patterson
  KC2WSA   Sue Pawelski
  KC2WSG   Diane Roof
  KC2WSI   Karen Roward
  KD2IJL   Ron A. Runo
  N2DJS   Dennis Schultz
  KD2AIG   Tom Schuster
  KD2FZJ   Corey Shine
  KC2WSK   Ken Thompson
  KD2IPF   Laurence Williams